The Silver PANDA – 3D STATUE – 10 oz Silver

The Silver PANDA – 3D STATUE – 10 oz Silver - SERIAL NUMBER

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As the second statue in the Coins of the World solid silver statue collection, The Panda commemorates the Chinese Silver Panda coin, 8 million of which are minted on an annual basis.The Panda’s base style matches that of the Silver Eagle, and is intended to occupy the Pawn positions on a tournament-size chess board

3D Master Sculptor Joanna Zawada

The giant panda, Ailuropoda melanoleuca, is a bear. It lives in south central China. Although it belongs to the order Carnivora, the panda's diet is 99% bamboo. Pandas in the wild occasionally eat other grasses, wild tubers, or even meat in the form of birds, rodents or carrion. In captivity, they may get honey, eggs, fish, yams

Imagined and designed by 3D master sculptress Joanna Zawada, the Panda contains a massive 10 Troy ounces of solid silver in just under 6cm! Each statue is hand-crafted and completed with the proprietary silver antique polish.

  • contains 10+ Troy ounces of solid silver
  • guaranteed minimum weight of 336 grams of .925 silver
  • base width is 1.2" (30 mm), height is 2.83" (58 mm)
  • limited production of only 1,000 casts
  • base laser-etched with weight, purity & unique production number
  • unique antique silver finish