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Saker Falcon - 2016 Mongolia 500 Togrog Silver SWAROVSKI

Saker Falcon - 2016 Mongolia 500 Togrog Silver SWAROVSKI®

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 SAKER FALCON - WILDLIFE PROTECTION - 2016 500 Togrog 1 oz Pure Silver Coin with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS  

Mongolia’s national bird, the Saker Falcon, is featured on the 2016 release of the immensely popular Mongolian Wildlife Protection series. The species is the second largest falcon of the world and an unsurpassed aerial hunter.

Like all birds of prey, Saker Falcons have incredible eyesight and can spot potential prey from miles away. The majestic, yet elegant head of the falcon with its piercing eyes comes to life in a never before seen high relief, using smartminting technology. It ushers in a new era of the Wildlife Protection series. 


  • smartminting

  • SeQrySign®



  • Country              Mongolia
  • Year                   2016

  • Face   value         500 Togrot

  • Metal                  Silver   999/1000

  • Weight   (g)         1 oz

  • Size   (mm)         38.61mm

  • Quality                Antique Finish

  • Mintage   (pcs)     2500

  • Certificate COA     yes

  • Luxury Box          Yes Custom Wood Case

  • Special Features     SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS