CZECH DOUBLE-TAILED LION - 1 oz Silver Coin MS-69 PCGS FS 2018 Niue

CZECH DOUBLE-TAILED LION - 1 oz Silver Coin MS-69 PCGS FS 2018 Niue

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button-blank-200.jpgCoins with the mark "bullion coin" are made of precious metal and serve primarily as an investment and a means of preserving value. Such are the "Czech Lions" - among the investment coins from the Czech Mint, which are the first coins of its kind embossed in the Czech Republic, there is also a variant coined from one troy ounce of pure silver.

button-blank-200.jpg“CZECH DOUBLE-TAILED LION"


Why is the Czech Lion coin exceptional?

It is the first coin to meet the worldwide recognized "bullion coin" investment standards embossed in the Czech Republic
The favorable price of a coin does not take into account collectible, artistic or historical value - but that does not mean that the coin will not have it
The price of the coin depends primarily on the spot price of silver
The coin is easily tradable, among other things thanks to a buyback opportunity
The coin weight corresponds to one troy ounce
The easily recognizable motif of the coin has a strong connection with the Czech Republic


Coin double-tailed story

It is not easy to be sure for lack of historical sources. Vladislav II. got a first sign with a lion from Friedrich Barbarossa in 1158 together with title "king" as a reminder that Czech warriors fought for Friedrich "as lions". But this lion had just one tail. Where we got the double-tailed lion? Maybe this comes from Premysl Otakar II. He was using a double-tailed lion sign to hint that he is "a second or younger king" of Bohemia (1247). When he was crowned as the king, he kept the double-tailed lion as the Czech coat. And so it remains until today...

Country Niue
Denomination 1 Dollars
Year 2018
Quality  MS-69 First Strike
Material Silver  999/1000
Weight (g) 31.1 1 oz
Diameter 37 mm
Mintage pcs  
Grade Service PCGS
Presentation case (box)


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