Chinese God of Wealth & Fortune  – 10 oz Silver 3D STATUE - SERIAL NUMBER

Chinese God of Wealth & Fortune – 10 oz Silver 3D STATUE - SERIAL NUMBER

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The 5th lunar day of Chinese New Year is the Welcome Day for the God of Wealth. Many families worship the God of Wealth in the early morning. After the ceremony, people explode firecrackers to invite the God of Wealth to enter the house. That's why we can keep continuously hearing the sparsely sound of firecrackers in the morning.

Who is the God of Wealth? The answer is more than one Gods of Wealth in the Chinese society. Some selected gods are from the novel of Feng-Shen Bang (The Bulletin Board of Delegated Gods), which is written in Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644 AD). The story of the Feng-Shen Bang is talking about the rise of Chou Dynasty (1045 BC to 256 BC). The characters are the historical figures mixing with religious gods, goddesses, devils, demons, immortals, fairy person and spirits from Chinese mythology.

3D Master Sculptor 

Legend has it that Bi Gan had a wife with the surname Chen. His son was Quan (泉). After Bi Gan was put to death by his nephew King Zhou of Shang, Bi Gan's wife and son escaped into the woods. His death eventually marked the collapse of the Shang dynasty. Later on, Quan was honoured as the ancestor of all Lins by King Wu of Zhou.

Notwithstanding the above, there is another legendary character of the Chinese God of Wealth which is generally known as Caibo Xingjun (財帛星君) amongst Chinese communities. Li Guizu (李詭祖) was born in the Zichuan District in Shandong Province and held position as a country magistrate. Li Guizu contributed significantly to the district, whilst people built a temple to worship Li Guizu after his death. The late Li Guizu was then conferred the title Caibo Xingjun by the Wude Emperor of Tang dynasty.

A  DESIGN The original statue is also call Qin-Huang

  • Dimensions: 35mm W x 90mm H
  • Weight: 338+ grams
  • Metal: .925+ Silver
  • Silver Content: 10+ Troy ounces
  • Mintage: Limited to 1000 casts
  • Features: Laser-etched with serial number & purity, box & certificate of authenticity