5 oz LIBERTAD - AZTEC CALENDAR Silver Color Coin MEXICO 2018

5 oz LIBERTAD - AZTEC CALENDAR Silver Color Coin MEXICO 2018

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The stunning Libertad coin of five ounces of silver shows the Mexican flag in color, in the foreground the goddess of victory and an Aztec calendar in the background. 

  • 99,9% Silver
  • Innovative Color Printing
  • Limited mintage of only 200 pieces
  • In Coin Capsule
  • With Product Card
button-blank-200.jpg“LIbertad Series”

button-blank-200.jpgThe Aztec calendar consists of two interlinked cycles, the xihuitl and the tōnalpōhualli. Xihuitl is based on the solar year and includes 18 months to 20 days plus 5 extra days. The tōnalpōhualli is a ritual calendar with 260 days, which was used for prophecies. These two calendars were combined to create a calendar wheel of 52 years. The Aztecs believed that at the end of a 52-year period, time and the world would be reborn.


The limited silver coin in color comes with product card in a coin capsule.

* This coin has been colored by a private company.


  • Country                  Mexico
  • Year                        2018
  • Face value               1 Mexican Libertad 
  • Metal                       Silver .999
  • Weight (g)               5 oz. (155,5 g)
  • Size (mm)               65 mm
  • Quality                    Color
  • Mintage (pcs)           200
  • Special Features       Aztec calendar 

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