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2015 Fiji 2x$1 Silver Proof Coin "Year of the Goat Yin & Yang"

2015 Fiji 2x$1 Silver Proof Coin "Year of the Goat Yin & Yang"

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NEW ~  Year of the Goat Fiji - Ying Yang and Filigree Coins

Day On this side, a brave male goat stands with his feet planted firmly on the ground, symbolizing power and strength. A cornucopia, also known as the Horn of Plenty, overflows with riches in the form of coins and represents an endless stream of good fortune. Yang, often considered to represent the male half of the ying-yang symbol, is also associated with light and the day. This quality is represented by the burning sun, clearing away the clouds that surround it. The yang goat, filled with passion and smiled upon by fortune, will always endure and triumph in life.

Night As night is the partner to day, stars and the crescent moon shine in the sky overhead to represent “ying,” which can be associated with shadow and the night. A soft and beautiful white goat rests peacefully in the grass, reminding us that ying is also used to represent the qualities of feminine grace. The ying goat is shy and reserved, but her unassuming elegance and gentle compassion endear her to everyone she meets. The coat of arms of Fiji, the date and the monetary denomination appear on the obverses

  • Country                    Fiji
  • Year                        2015
  • Face value               $1.00 each coin
  • Metal                       Silver 925/1000
  • Quality                     Color Proof
  • Weight (g)                1 oz. (31.1g) 2 coins
  • Size (mm)                49.9mm (as a set)
  • Mintage (pcs)           1,500
  • Certificate (COA)       Yes
  • Case or box              Yes
  • Special Features       2 coins set