POLAR BEAR Soapstone Sculpture 5 OZ $50 Silver Proof Coin 2018 Canada

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POLAR BEAR Soapstone Sculpture 5 OZ $50 Silver Proof Coin 2018 Canada


Introducing an unforgettable coin that pairs a traditional soapstone sculpture with contemporary coinmaking techniques!
Rising up on the reverse, each polar bear sculpture is carefully hand-carved from Canadian soapstone by a Canadian artist Dave Zachary.
Engraving recreates the rough edges of the ice on the reverse, while translucent colour enamel adds a deep blue hue to the Arctic waters.
  • With a 65.25 mm diameter, the coin’s surface provides a large base for the soapstone sculpture, while proofquality 99.99% pure silver mimics the light-reflective nature of the Arctic landscape!

  • A dome-like capsule will keep your coin safely protected from the elements.

  • With a mintage of just 1,300, your coin is a limited collectible work of art that will draw all eyes toward your collection!

The natural beauty of Northern Canada shines bright on the reverse, thanks to a harmonious mix of finishing techniques and a polar bear soapstone sculpture that makes each coin unique. As it does for Arctic marine life, ice floe provides the foundation for this design: engraving provides a life-like textural effect, while a special frosting gives the snow-covered ice a more matte-like appearance. The surrounding water is a sparkling shade of blue, thanks to the application of translucent enamel over the proof finish. But the focal point is undeniably the sculptured piece that rises up from the ice floe: each polar bear sculpture has been hand-carved from Canadian soapstone by Canadian artist Dave Zachary and his team of sculptors. With its gaze fixed on what lies ahead, the polar bear cuts a formidable figure in this Arctic landscape, where it is regarded as an icon of strength and endurance.

Year of Issue
15 Dollars
Fineness (% purity)
Mintage (pcs)
Weight (g)
5 oz (157.6g)
Diameter (mm)
65.25 mm
Certificate of Authenticity Yes
Package type  Yes
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